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These 3 battles are a study in Revolution by Hawks Master Map Builder, RP Kosciuszko. This Trilogy spans from Eastern Europe to the New World and is a tribute to those common men who took up arms against regular forces with varied,sometimes tragic results. One side will thus have a heavier task; to lead largely irregular forces to determined victory over the cold, disciplined ranks of an oppressive enemy.

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Culloden 1746


Culloden 1746 (Jacobite Wars) Bonnie Prince Charlie's hopes at regaining the English Crown for the Stuarts are crushed in this brutal battle. After defeating the Scottish forces (blue) Lord Cumberland's Royalist forces (red) went on to committ war crimes against the local population and to execute prisoners. The battlefield layout is well researched and one of Kosciuszko's finest maps. The Jacobines have up-grades available at the barracks and blacksmiths which brings their round-shiers and bucklers to Scottish highland warrior status. This is a proxy-battle, with 2 commanders possible for each side. This is almost a necessity for the Scottish as they must array for battle and research simultaneously while the English close for combat



Raclawice Details coming, created by Kosciuszko.