Welcome to the Hawks Online Gaming Club

The Hawks is a unique group of strategy game players dedicated to re-creating and fighting on-line historical battles. We have researched and created a vast collection of maps from many different periods based on the games that we currently play, though maps from our past games are still available. All our battle maps are free to download and can be found in the various game sections.

Our club had its beginnings with "Cossacks; The Art of War" (AOW) in 2002 when we started making scores of quality, well researched maps to play with that game. We have not played AOW for years now, but the tradition has continued into the year 2012, with our mods for the "American Conquest" series. We now boast the largest selection of quality Napoleonic and American Civil War maps for play in the world.

As detailed above, we currently play two games, HEW and HDN. HEW is the Napoleonic mod for "AC/Fight Back" by [HWK]GeXozoid called "Hawks' European Warfare; Napoleonica" (HEW) and was released early March, 2009. We have a vast collection of well researched maps that are available to play with this game. For more information click the "Napoleonic Mod (HEW)" link on the left.

HDN is the American Civil War Mod for "AC/Divided Nation by [HWK]Garnier called "Hawks' Divided Nation Mod", or HDN. This mod changes many of the dynamics of gameplay. This mod has made its' final release, but new innovations continue for it. For more information click the "Divided Nation Mod (HDN)" link on the left.

The developing mod "European Warfare II - The Age of Reason" will allow us to recreate the epic battles of Frederick the Great in the Seven Years War, including the American theatre(French and Indian War) and also the American War of Independance. There is no release date announced.

We play multiplayer battles only, rather than singleplayer or deathmatch style games. We sometimes get as many as 7 players on one of our maps at once. This makes for epic drama on the field, and multiplayer battles are the only way to enjoy our maps. Drop by our Forum, introduce yourself, and join us for a truly memorable experience.