Pike And Shot Wars
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This period includes, among others, one of the most tragic conflicts of human conflicts. The 30 Years War tore Europe apart along religious lines. The common man payed the heaviest tole as German peasants were pillaged and slaughtered by soldiers of both sides. It was the era of pike and musket, where men formed up much as in the days of the ancient Greeks, giant blocks of pike. These battles convey this bone-wrenching drama where properly formed lines of pike and crushing cavalry charges are the force mejuere. Muskets are just beginning to make a significant contribution to battle, but cold steel still rules the field.

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Breitenfeld 1631


Breitenfeld 1631 (30 Years War) The fortunes of the Protestant cause in Europewere sinking when Gustaphus Adolphus and his Swedish army along with Saxon Allies (blue) met a slightly larger Imperialist force (red) under Tilly. Though the forward Saxon position (map right) was routed, the Swedes held and inflicted a heavy defeat (capturing all cannon) on Tilly's army. This is a massive 5 person proxy-battle created by Kosciuszko. The Imperialists are drawn up in their traditional tercios and the Saxon position is tenuous. Should really be played by at least 4 players, 2 per side. No up-grades.

Lutzen 1632


Lutzen 1632 (30 Years War) Another proxy-battle creation by Hawks master map builder, RP Kosciuszko. Adolphus Gustavos, Swedish Protestant Warrior King, gained this bloody victory with his life. The Imperial Army (red) is formed into giant tercios as the Swedish (blue) approach in line. Half of each army is composed of cavalry, and proxy-control is best played with one general taking all cavalry in an army, the other general taking all infantry and cannon. Significant also as being the Hawks' first epic proxy-battle. No up-grades.

Bohus 1675


Bohus 1675 (Swedish-Danish War) This was the 14th and last siege of the fortressand endured two summer months. The attacking Danish army (red) consisted of 9000 Norwegians and7000 Germans. The Swedish had a defending force of 900 men. The fighting was hard and brutal, the fortress got badly damaged and nearly fell. But a rescue force arrived just in time to save it. The Swedes lost 500 men and the Danes 1000. Battle created by The Countess.

Boyne 1690


Boyne 1690 (War of the Glorious Revolution) Our only battle to date fought in Ireland, this battle sowed the seeds for the modern "troubles" in Ireland. Protestant William III and his Danish/Dutch/Heugenot army (red) defeated Catholic King James II and his English/Irish/French army (blue). James II held the high ground at the Boyne river and were repulsing attacks when other Protestant forces crossed downriver (map right) and flanked their position, inflicting defeat. A lush green map designed by Jark, featuring the crucial crossing and also the swamps (map lower left). Many strategic possibilities, all 4 players should fight this. Upgrades available for the Catholic French at 2 blacksmiths.

Newbury 1643


Newbury 1643 (English Civil War) 4-person proxy-battle created by DukeD. There are no up-grades available, Open Map. Read enclosed material.

Nordlingen 1634


Nordlingen 1634 (30 Years War) A 5-person proxy-battle Created by Kosciuszko. Open Map.

Cheriton 1644


Cheriton 1644 (30 Years War) 4-person proxy-battle created by Elv. Both sides have been limited in the amount of fire allowed. As each musketeer was limited to his bandeliere of 12 rounds (the twelve apostles) Elv also wanted these musketeers to be similarly hindered. Make each volley count! An Open Map.