The Seven Years War
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The Plains of Abraham 1759

Plains of Abraham 1759 (Seven Years War) [HWK]Sitting Bull had created the FB version of this battle for the Map Competition 2004 and now brings it to you for AOW. This battle saw General Wolfe secretly land his troops on the plains above the besieged French city of Quebec, and General Montcalm sally forth and meet him in open battle with equal numbers. Both generals would lose their lives in this brutal engagement. No up-grades, read enclosed material first.

Quebec 1775


Quebec 1775 (Seven Years War)Another glorious seige by [HWK]Claudius presents the most important battle in North America during Seven Years War, The Seige of Quebec. English (attackers) are red, proxy-played by purple and green. French troops are blue played by orange and black. All production and up-grades available, an Open Map. Detailed info about battle currently at Forum.