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We understand of course that Napoleonic Era battles are not covered in the eras of Cossacks AOW, The Art of War, even with MOD. However, it is hard to keep military history buffs in check. Several Hawks love this period and un-deterred by the question of correct uniforms, have created what are otherwise historically accurate epics. Included here are several battles from this era, large and small, land and sea. Also find bud's series "The 100 Days Campaign"; Ligny, Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

(Place opened file in AOW Main Directory. Do NOT save after viewing in Editor and do NOT re-name file)

[AOW] Trafalgar


Author [HWK]THE DRAKE, Trafalgar (AOW Map) (Napoleonic Wars) This map was the Author's way of paying tribute to an immensely enjoyable book, "Sharpe's Trafalgar" by Bernard Cornwell which re-tells the astounding victory of England's Lord Nelson (red) over the combined French/Spanish fleet (Green/blue). While naval battles are a bit tricky for AOW, a unique mission aspect has been incorporated to make it more fun. This is a 2-player map, with one player taking red and the other green. Green player must then add blue ass computer ally.afety.

Heilsberg 1807


Heilsberg 1807 (Napoleonic Wars) 4-person proxy-battle created by SirWilliam. Both sides have certain up-grades, and a heavy battery. Read text included in download. Great for 30 minute Score Victory.

Austerlitz 1805


Austerlitz 1805 (Napoleonic Wars) Often called the Battle of Three Emperors, this was one of Napoleon's masterpieces of strategy. Created as a 3 player standard battle, Kosciuszko features all the vital elements of this battle, including Praetzen Heights in the upper half of the map. Though one player could control both Russian (teal) and Austrian (red) forces, this is a mind boggling chore, as this battle should be played by the full 3 players.

Marengo 1800


Marengo 1800 (Napoleonic Wars) A battle from Napoleon's Italian campaigns, created by Kosciuzko. 31,000 Austrians (red) attacked Marshal Victor's 23,000 French (blue) driving them back. However, failing to pursue with enough vigor, the Austrians where overwhelmed in-turn as Napoleon re-formed his fleeing divisions covered by his reserves. The French cavalry spearheaded the counter attack which broke the Austrians, sending them fleeing. A 2-person standard battle, an Open Map.

Aboukir Bay 1801


Aboukir Bay 1801 (Napoleonic Wars) A strictly naval engagement by Claudius, the British (red) under Abercromby have sailed into the Egyptian harbor guarded by the French (blue) and are surrounded. The British have up-grades on land reflecting superior naval capabilities but have to immediatly contend with flank attacks AND bombardment from shore batteries. A quick battle where 1st minute maneuvering determines outcome. A standard 2-person battle, no building allowed, closed map.

Badajoz 1812

Author: [HWK]SirWilliam A re-creation of the siege of the formidable Spanish fort (defended by the French) during the Penninsular War, this map features an intricate star fort using palisade in the map editor, key points of defense and a daunting task for the British attacker. Up-grades are written on the map.

Salamanca 1812


Salamanca 1812 (Napoleonic Wars) The battle where the famed Wellington, with Spanish, German and British troops (all red) first displays his prowess in the attack. Hawks long standing member, bud, has recreated the field and the troop dispositions with great care, making this one a 4-player proxy-battle. Notice the Arapine Hills which saw the most determinedaction. This re-creation picks up at the point where Wellington notices a huge gap in the French line "by God, that'll do!" and orders his right wing to attack. Best fought with at least 2 players as French (blue).

Auerstadt 1806


Auerstadt 1806 This map is an up-date by Kosciuszko, the original landscape being designed by an Italian player, [ITA]Lordthefan. This one is a proxy-battle for up to 4 commanders. It re-creates the momentous day where, coupled with Jena, the Prussian military ceased to exhist as a force in Europe, being wiped out in these two engagements. The French (blue)have up-grades avaliable in the walled town and should be proxy-played by the two generals allowed.

Berezina 1812


Berezina 1812 (Napoleonic Wars) A standard 2 player battle creation by Kosciuszko. The catastrophic French retreat from Moscow saw several engagements where fleeing forces were forced to fight for their lives while trying to cross congested bridges. Wrecked bridges, chilling landscape and trapped French contingents are featured in this battle. Though it is not impossible to win as the beleagured French, such a victory must be brutaly won by a master strategist.

Ligny 1815


Ligny 1815 (Napoleonic Wars) A battle from the period known as "Napoleon's Hundred Days", this is bud's interpretation of the major engagement between 84,000 Prussians (black) and and 60,000 French (blue). The French are on the attack here in this 4-person proxy-battle just as in hitory. They met stiff resistance, and might not have broken through had not Napoleon thrownin the Guard (center map) and reserve cavalry divisions. Open map.

Quatre Bras 1815


Quatre Bras 1815 (Napoleonic Wars) It is easy to lose yourself in the beautiful scenery of bud's epic Napoleonic masterpiece but the size of the armies demands you stay focused. A semi-proxy battle where the British (red) are proxy played, their Prussian Allies played standard and the French army played proxy by up to two generals. No up-grades, the French are on the attack. Co-ordination along such a wide front is vital. Wellington turned the tide at the last minute against Napoleon's hard drive to split the allied forces by throwing in General Picton's division, seen coming down at the top of map.

Waterloo 1815


Waterloo 1815 (Napoleonic Wars) This battle where Napoleon's glorious aspirations are layed to rest once and for all, the name of which is now synonimous with defeat, is now aplayable epic thanks to creator bud. A 4-person semi-proxy battle, meaning one force is played standard. This standard played force is the Prussians (black) whose player is not allowed to begin controling his troops until 20 minutes into the conflict (time displayed above the mini map. The bridges have been aded for strategic clarity; the Prussians may not cross them until their alloted time. Meanwhile, the British (red) force is proxy-played as is the French blue). The French, for their part, are not to attack or set up near the bridges. No up-grades.

Eylau 1807


Eylau 1807 (Napoleonic Wars) Warthur's first contribution to the Hawks' collection. Using a sophisticated editing technique, Warthur has re-created the battle-field with intricate detail, capturing every contour and hill of the actual site. In this battle Napoleon blunted the winter offensive of the Russion army, though it was an in-decisive battle. The Russians retired in good order from the field. The French army had been a bit larger than half the Russian. 4-person proxy-battle. Open Map.

Waterloo 1815


Waterloo 1815 (Napoleonic Wars) Perhaps the most studied battle in history, this is Warthur's interpretation using his unique land contouring editing technique. It is the un-spoken policy of the Hawks to allow only one official map of a certain battle per game (AOW or AC). An exception has been made in this case. Please read enclosed text for instructions. Diagram of actual battle also included. 5-person proxy-battle.

Medellin, 1809


Medellin 1809 (Napoleonic Wars) Another Penninsular War battle, this one by SirWilliam, in which 18,000 French (blue) fought and defeated an attacking army of 30,000 Spanish (red). The French cavalry ended up winning the day, counter attacking and massacring the fleeing infantry after the Spanish horse had fled the field. In this game, the Spanish have a strong battery of long range cannon (fixed), and a 500+ troop advantage. However, the French have up-grades (marked in the town) that affect their hvy cavalry and 8 of their infantry regts. A 4-person proxy-battle