War in the Age of Enlightenment
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It was an age of absolute rule, when Kings considered themselves "benevolent dictators". It was a time of philosophical and political change. Iron fisted rulers like Frederick the Great could crush French armies on the field while at the same time entertaigning the French philophist, Voltaire. An age of science, progress still molded in war. However, the aims were slightly different, for the French it was "Glorie", the Austrians honor and Hapsburg control, England to mold Empire and retaign Hannover, for Prussia, survival. A strong sense of nationalism swept Europe and demanded that each country hold or regain as much precious land as it could or maintaign friendly rulers on the thrones of foreign countries. This was time of the War of Spanish Succession, The Great Northern War, War of Austrian Succession and the 7 Years War. These battles offered here are exciting because this is the very time in which Cossacks, The Art of War is set. Guide your armies as a Father would his children.

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Blenheim 1704


Blenheim 1704 (War of Spanish Succession) Called one of the greatest battles of history, this epic proxy-battle has become a Hawks favorite for 3 and 4 player games. French amd Bavarians (blue) are holding back a slightly superior force of Allied German, Dutch and English (red). The legendary commanding duo of Prince Eugene and Marlborough handed their opposition a crushing defeat, with much of the action seen in the village (lower map). An exciting map, full of strategic features, this battle has become a Hawks classic.

Ramillies 1706


Ramillies 1706 (War of Spanish Succession)Using his unique land-contouring method (which will be standard for all CossacksII creations) WarthurWater has created the companion to Malplaquet. This was another brilliant victory for Marlborough's Allied English/German and Dutch forces (red). Feigning attack to the French left (blue), Marlborough instead shifted to his own left (map south) and defeated the French cavalry, then turning North and rolling up the French line. A 4-person proxy-battle, open map. Make sure to check-out accompanying material and 3D map!

Dettingen 1743


Dettingen 1743 (War of Austrian Succession} The last occasion in which a Britishsovereign (George II) personally led troops into battle was in this clash, a heavy defeat for French forces (blue). The British (red) cut of while retiring towards Hanau, stood to do battlewith the surrounding French. The main body of French was on the opposite side of the Main River, and when the French in the town rashly attacked alone they were driven back into the river, suffering 6,000 casualties. A 4 person proxy-battle, crafted meticoulously by bud.

Fontenoy 1745


Fontenoy 1745 (War of Austrian Succession) Created by SirWilliam. This re-creates the succesful French defeat of the Allied relief force led by the infamous Earl of Cumberland (later of Culloden fame). Up-grades avaliable to both sides as marked on map. 4-person proxy-battle.Great as a 30 minute Score Victory battle.

Lobositz 1756


Lobositz 1756 (Seven Year's War) An important battle for Frederick the Great. bud recreates the incident where an Austrian army, marching to the relief of their Saxon allies, is defeated and forced to retreat. This leaves the Saxon fortress town of Pirna isolated and they surrender after which Frederick incorporates all 17,000 Saxons into his army and takes possesion of Saxony. Done as a 4 person proxy-battle, can be played by just 2 though at least 3 is recomended as the Austrian line is spread out and their is much terrain to circumnavigate.

Sohr 1745


Sohr 1745 (War of Austrian Succession)This field is Hawks member general's first contribution to the club. It is done as a standard 2 person battle and is immensely enjoyable for commanders who love to manuevre flanks, sweep cavalry around un-seen and hold hills or bridges. It replicates Maria Theresa's attempt to re-gain Silesia for the Austrian Empire from the Frederick the Great. The battle was a bad defeat for the numerically superior Austrians who faced veteran Prussians dealing out superior fire-power.

Malplaquet 1709


Malplaquet 1709 (War of Spanish Succession)This is the first Hawks battle specifically designed by THE DRAKE to be played on Score/ 30 minutes as victory condition. Marborough's last battle field success, this battle was a Pyhric victory for the Allied army of Austrians, British, Germans and Dutch (red). With 86,000 men they attacked 75,000 dug in French (blue) whose trenches ran into the woods and across the clearing near the town. The French should make quick use of all up-grades available in the bottom town of Tasniers. Heavy fighting ensued in the woods on the French left where the British and Austrians flanked. This caused the French to pull troops from the center through which Marlborough attacked with all cavalry. Done as a 5 person proxy-battle, it is recomended at least 4 take command.