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These are some of the great maps that pre-date the formation of the Hawks club. They were created by players, all of whom are un-known to us now and some came from sites no longer in exhistence. Yet, they were the inspiration for the formation of our Hawks club as the founding members realized that a club could be formed just around the creation, sharing and fighting of these types of maps. We hope you enjoy them.

(Place opened file in AOW Main Directory. Do NOT save after viewing in Editor and do NOT re-name file)



The Original Waterloo The very first map ever fought by THE DRAKE (against Kosciuszko), it is from a web site no longer in exhistence. As the Hawks have since created a couple of our own versions, this has been re-named "Old Waterloo" for easy reference.

Seige of Narva


Seige of Narva Perhaps inspired (our frustrated) by the server version of the same name, a now anonymous player created a beautiful seige. The Russians (blue) are seiging the city and are being attacked by the relief army of Swedes (red). We often play so that if the Russians succeed in taking the main city, they are pronounced the winner, even if the relief army is still strong. This puts pressure on both sides to act quickly.

Province Kreige


Province Kreige A splendid seige map created long ago by an un-known German player.



Fontenoy The first version of Fontenoy ever played, and one of the fields the Hawks used in their championship. Again, we are not sure who made it, and the site no longer exhists that hosted it originally. Before the club started it was a favorite field for battle.

Egyptian Campaign


Egyptian Campaign From, this is Napoleon's excursion into Egypt and his battle in the sands against the mamelukes.



Rocroi We used this field as one of our championship battles, and a favorite from the old days. This field saw a lot of action. The town is closed off and was made for scenery only. We always played with no upgrades or building allowed and as it was made before MOD the cannon are not the right century. Beware the French dragoons!