The American Revolution
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These 3 battles are a study in Revolution by Hawks Master Map Builder, RP Kosciuszko. This Trilogy spans from Eastern Europe to the New World and is a tribute to those common men who took up arms against regular forces with varied,sometimes tragic results. One side will thus have a heavier task; to lead largely irregular forces to determined victory over the cold, disciplined ranks of an oppressive enemy.

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Cowpens 1781


Cowpens 1781 (American Revolution) A surprising engagement where 1,100 Americanmilitia (blue) inflicted heavy losses and defeat on an equal number of British troops (red). RP Kosciuszko has given some of the American militia up-grades to reflect their spirit and tenacity in this fight. Done as a standard 2 person battle, the British are on the attack here. The American commander would be wise to withdraw troops and refuse engagement until his musket and horse up-grades are completed in the upper left-hand corner of the map.

Bunker Hill 1775


Bunker Hill 1775 (American Revolution) by Kosciuszko, 4-person proxy-battle, up-grades



Niagara (American Revolution) A standard 2-person deathmatch battle by Claudius. Both sides can build, up-grade generate troops as they wish.

Yorktown 1781


Yorktown 1781 (American Revolution) by THE DRAKE (read enclosed material